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Institute of Technology (Polytechnic), Palus

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The college library is a fountain of technical information and fuels the lamp of knowledge for the faculty & students of this college. This facility is replete with text books, reference books & journals (National and International) on advanced techniques. These books cover the basics as well as very advanced concepts in Engg Sciences & Technology. Our institute is having fully computerized library. There is direct access for the students. Library books are updated from time to time as per the changes in the curriculum. Details of the books available in library are as follows:

Books Available

Books Available
S.No. Branch Number of Titles Total No. of Books
1 Electronics and Telecommunication 409 2081
2 Computer Engineering and Information Technology 783 3922
3 General Science 252 2645
4 Mechanical and Civil Engg. 307 1983
5 Electrical Engineering 90 630
Total 1841 11271

Journals Available

Journals Available
S.No. Branch Count
1 Electronics and Telecommunication 5
2 Computer Engineering and Information Technology 4
3 General Science --
4 Mechanical and Civil Engg. 16
5 Electrical Engineering 4
Total 29

Library Staff

Library Staff
S.No. Name of The Library Staff Designation
1 Mr. Ratnadeep Jadhav Asst. Librarian
2 Mrs. Radhika Shinde Library Clerk
3 Mr. J.J. Mujawar Library Clerk
4 Mrs. L.Y.Patil Jr. Clerk
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